What Makes a Good Presentation?

When you are selling a concept, idea or a product through a presentation, it is paramount to make it as good as possible since the perception of the audience will lie solely on the quality of the presentation. So we ask ourselves, what makes a good presentation? We will strive to answer this intriguing question in the paragraphs that follow.  Ignore these at your own peril. [Read more…]

8 Public Speaking Tips for Outstanding Presentations

It is a natural thing to feel nervous or have “butterflies in your stomach” before you give a speech. This in small amounts is helpful but in excess it can have a negative impact on the speech.  A bit of nervousness keeps you on your toes and alert.  Your heightened sense of awareness makes you a sharper presenter, one who is able to adapt as the presentation continues.  So there’s nothing to worry about – you’re only being human.  Below are some useful tips on how you can control the nervous feeling and give a better speech. [Read more…]

8 Tips for More Effective Powerpoint Presentations

The world is getting more competitive with each passing day. It is now important to have good presentations skills and also an effective presentation. During business meetings, conferences and summits, time is of the importance and presenting the required content within the given time is of great importance. One must be able to get the message across in the limited time given. For this to be possible, proper preparation must be made including the design of the Powerpoint presentation itself. There are a couple of things to consider when preparing the Powerpoint presentation. These are outlined in the following sections. [Read more…]