Best Presentation Software Alternatives

The best presentation software is useful for displaying information, in the form of slides. In this article, you will review what features should be in a good presentation software.  There are several options for software which we will explore and what the strengths of each are.

PowerPoint can be classified as one of the top presentation software suites in the business market today. It has 3 major functions, including:

a) An Editorwoman giving powerpoint presentation

This give you the ability to insert and format text

b) Method

The best presentation software also has a method for manipulating and inserting animations, graphic images and animations with the objects

c) Slide Show Engine

PowerPoint also has a slide show system. You will use this system to displayed the varying slide content

Features of the Best Presentation Software To Look For

Presentation software also has to have such basic features as:

1) Insert Slide Feature: This feature allows you to insert slides anywhere within the presentation – at the end, middle or the beginning

2) Delete Inserted Slides: With this feature, you will also be able to remove any of the slides in your presentation

3) Cut and Paste: This allows you to cut and paste any slide (s) in any order

4) Duplication: You can use this feature to duplicate slides or content

5) View Slide Feature: With this feature, you will be able to display presentations designed in terms of the slide show system selected

6) Object Manipulation: Allows sound manipulation and animations on the objects within the slide

7) Text Editor Features: You will be able to use these features to edit, find and replace text, etc.

However, the best presentation software should be full featured. This means that it should contain more features than the above, including:

8) Good Font Specifications: With this, you can use and change different effects, styles and font faces

9) Additional Features: Include footers, headers, advanced navigation system, cross reference, footnotes and others

10) Layout Management System: Allows customized or preset layout designing

11) Macros: For adding interactive features

12) Dictionary support and spell checkers

In as much as PowerPoint is the best presentation software out there in the market, you can also use such alternatives as Corel Presentations, Impress, as your preferred presentation software (Source:

About Other Presentation Software Alternatives

Are you used to creating lots of presentations? Then you must have mastered PowerPoint or Keynote (if you have a Mac). PowerPoint is considered by many as the standard for presentation software. It lays out a blueprint that other applications can use and are created from.  Sometimes, you may also want to use a less powerful piece of software to get what you want done.  Furthermore, cost may be an issue so free is definitely good anytime.

Below, you will learn about other alternatives to the best presentation software. This means that if you are looking for an alternative route to make your presentations without digressing too much from PowerPoint’s concept, then these apps will be quite useful. You can also use these programs to learn about other methods of presentation, other than that permitted by PowerPoint. The four alternatives include:

1. Google Docs Presentation

Google is a favorite alternative for those who wish to replace Microsoft applications. Most people are already familiar with Google Docs. However, very few are aware that it is possible to create presentations using this web-based app. You only need to click on the ‘Create New Drop Down Menu’ and select ‘Presentation’ to get started.

Like PowerPoint, this ranks among other best presentation software alternatives in terms of use. You can import slides, insert videos, images and text boxes and change the background and theme of your presentation. You can also use Google Docs to share the presentation with your peers, superiors and minors so that you can work on in further (Source:

2. SlideRocket

SlideRocket can also be classified as one of the best presentation software. This high end model of collaborative, web based presentation software is the perfect premium app that has some nice free options. It gives you 15MB file size and 250 MB of free storage. You also get 5 multi- seat accounts with shared libraries, items and folders. You can also import your presentations from PowerPoint and export them to PDF using this amazing piece of software.

SlideRocket also has lots of superb features and one of the most beautiful of user interfaces. Some of the features include the ability to add Flash animations, video, audio, pictures, tables, charts, shapes, layouts and themes. You will also be able to integrate content from such websites as YouTube and Flickr and use plug- ins liberally.

3. 280 Slides

This is an app the works with the Google Chrome browser and is another easy to use app for creating presentations. It must be installed from the Chrome as an add-on.  280 Slides has a different host of such great features as the ability to upload any existing PowerPoint presentation and import it into 280 Slides. This prevents you from the need of having to start the presentation over.

Other amazing features include recovery and auto save. The presentations can also be stored online and downloaded into PowerPoint format. You will also be able to add movies and photos from YouTube and Flickr, post them to SlideShare and run and embed them straight from the web browser.

4. Prezi

Prezi is also one of the cool and free alternative presentation applications that is completely different from PowerPoint and other presentation software in terms of function.

It is different in the sense that it will not invoke the common slide- by- slide rule used in most presentations. Instead, each presentation create is a motion- based and flowing depiction full of your creativity.


If you are already over PowerPoint as the best presentation software, then you will be able to find other excellent alternatives out there. Ensure you explore these and you will discover some amazing features and new ways in which you can present your material and submit it to your audience.

The integration of the best presentation software with other file types and services and the sharing abilities gives you more options. This way, you will be able to decide the best tool to use for that particular presentation task.

Marketers, presenters and small business owners will love these alternatives to the best presentation software. Studio animators can also use these alternatives to create quick mock-ups, although some of them are too simple if you wish to come up with custom studio-flash jobs.

Since most of the best presentation software are free, it means that you can use the online animations as much as you want. There are few limitations since the best presentation software will allow you to use their service free of charge in exchange for having their logo on your presentations.

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